Personal session
Coaching session of personal development
Tatiana Smirnova
Personal and team coach of communication
I started my journey as a coach in 2014. I like to work with leaders and digital companies bacause I know this market.
I got my Master degree in Digital Media Management at Hyper Island (UK). Also, I worked as a business development director of Russian in Depositphotos in 2014−2015 and I have more than 8 years of experience as a manager. I can help you to learn how to communicate with your colleagues as well as with your clients.
I am a communication coach — I help customers to build relationships, including those with themselves.
The basic difference of my work as a coach from that of a psychologist is that I work with the understanding of the desirable outcome, or, at least, of how to reach it, and the psychologist eradicates problems. I can help you to explore your problem, too, but in the capacity of a coach, I can only help you understand how you can live with it. However, it is not my competence to tackle the roots of the problem and set you free from its influence.
We are going to work with metaphors and symbols to make sure that you are psychologically protected from negative emotions. You don't need to enunciate or delve into the situation directly. I will always see a danger zone and help you take a safe path to the right answer.
Based on my experience — one session of Clean Language is equal to 3-5 usual sessions with a coach.
You don't need to tell me the details of your request. You don't need to open your heart or mention the problem which you want to work on. The coach is your guide. I will create a space and help you to find the right direction in searching your own answer.
I have chosen the method of Clean Language and Systemic modelling because I trusted it the moment I tried it.

It helps people truly listen to self, negotiate, learn and influence oneself in a nonviolent way. As a result, we stop wasting our energy on confrontation and use it to realize our plans.

This method was created in the 70s by David Grove and adapted for coaching by his follower Caitlin Walker.
In 2016 I completed the Clean Language course in Moscow
In 2017 I completed Systemic Modelling Training in the UK
Online-session costs $ 45 and lasts for about 40−60 minutes on Skype.

We can do an in-person session, but we need to be in the same city at the same time =) Mostly I am moving between Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia, but from time to time I am visiting Europe and Asia too. So just check with me by making notes in your booking in which city and in what date you want to meet.
The personal session costs $ 60 + payment for renting a space if we will need one.

If it is urgent and you need my help, but you can't pay me right now, still send your request and together we will figure something out ;)
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After getting your request I will send you time and payment details as well as instructions.
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